Great live review of my recent Lock Tavern gig, courtesy of Line Of Best Fit online music blog.

Microburst, meanwhile, is a revelation. Falling somewhere between a live performance and a DJ set, much of his show relies on a bank of faders, each of which is jabbed at furiously, offering a peak of another melody or a new rhythm section. The producer shifts between disparate elements with ease, introducing apparently incongruous new rhythmic ideas completely seamlessly. Some of his set brings to mind a slightly less scatty Lapalux, his focus falling more intently on crafting a perfect, rumbling bottom end than on quick-fingered Kaoss Pad work”


Check out this Sound Art/Sculpture piece called ‘Tuning In 2075‘. I helped on the sound design work with artist Katie Rand. It has made it to the final of The Signature Art awards in London….. you should check out her other work too!

Blurb about the piece:

Tuning in 2075 is a highly complex sculpture, challenging sound art and sculpture today. The sound emerges from ambiguous jelly creatures. The speakers within the jelly act as the pulse of creatures, inducing actual movement and life. The wires and technology remain on show, demonstrating the jellies life lines. The function and technology is embraced, questioning where the art begins and ends.

The sound composition is sourced and recorded from everyday situations. The majority of the sounds are taken from 1960’s America. The creatures are tuning into the bleak world they have found themselves in, after discovering their new found world of 2075. Throughout the 10 minute looped composition they tune out of their previous world, slowing tuning into their new Minimalist cold life.

The sound references a Minimalist/futuristic style, introducing significant art history. The creatures depict American historical events. Despite these times of hardship, I induce irony into the sound though the jelly sculptures and choice of reference.

My practice is greatly influenced by Minimalism. The white geometric sculptures act as the creature’s playground. What are the white sculptures function; are they cabinets, a high fi storage cabinet or a sculpture? Leaving the technology on show, and the placement of the jelly creatures increases the question of function


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